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Basic Firearms Safety Course


Sign up now for $89.00 and obtain your license before the laws potentially change.

Located in Peabody MA, Our course is taught by full time Police Officers and our classes are safe, professional and comfortable. 

This Firearms Safety Course is a classroom only setting, and fulfills the mandatory requirements by the Ma State Police to apply for a Massachusetts LTC (License to Carry) or FID Card. The Basic Firearms Safety class will be completed in one 4 hour block, and upon completion of the course, you will receive your Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety certificate. 


  1. Identifying the Parts and Nomenclature of different firearms
  2. Practical Exercises in Safe Gun Handling
  3. Types of Ammunition
  4. Federal and State disqualifiers
  5. Massachusetts Firearms Law including storage, and transportation
  6. Cleaning and Storage of Firearms
  7. The Application Process and how to fill out your application
Course Price per person  
Basic Firearms Safety Course $89.00 Sign Up Now

SPECIAL!!!!   Bring a Guest for free.

Your guest can attend our Basic Firearms Safety Class for free. If in the class or at a later date, your guest decides that they would like their own certificate, all they have to do is pay the class fee and they will receive their own certificate.

Please have your guest register on the website by choosing the date and filling out the registration form. In the promotion code box please enter GUEST and your last name.